Expertise – COBRA Aerospace

COBRA Aerospace is more than an aircraft seat manufacturer. The company's products combine ergonomic comfort with appealing designs and maximum functionality. Constraints laid down by the industry for new generation passenger seating have encouraged us to approach new seat development from an ecological stand-point, by using advanced materials and manufacturing processes less damaging to the environment, whilst not compromising on passenger comfort and cabin aesthetics.

From pencil through to reality

Intelligent engineering and design has enabled us to create a short- to mid-range economy seat which is both comfortable and stylish, a mere 5.2 kilos in weight and with only a 39 part count.

This will prove to be a massive leap forward for airlines on weight/fuel savings as well as greatly reducing maintenance and part count costs.

Our considered use of materials and simplified seat assembly will help redefine standards within the industry's seating requirements. The advanced thinking and clever use of new materials and manufacturing processes used on this seat project can easily be applied to other seating requirements and new aircraft interior product development.

Exciting changes coming for Cobra Aerospace!

(27th November 2012)

Cobra Aerospace and its parent company Cobra Global are currently undergoing some significant changes - we will be able to reveal more soon so check here again...